Melilax Aboca

Situations facilitating the onset of chronic or transitory constipation can arise in infancy and childhood. Constipation in children generally resolves spontaneously in a few months, but it is always a cause of worry for parents because children often react with crying fits.

There are many possible causes of constipation in children: inability to relax the anal sphincter, diet (for example, changeover from breast milk to formula), introduction of a child’s first solid foods and insufficient fiber (not enough fruit/vegetables) and/or water. Other critical moments can be travel and illnesses, and fever, which can lead to dehydration.

Children in the 2 to 4 year age range often voluntarily control the urge to evacuate, and often for days at a time. This causes fecal matter to become drier and, since it is harder, more difficult and painful to expel. The result can be a vicious circle, since the child remembers the pain experienced when emptying the bowel and resists the urge in an attempt to avoid it.

When infants and children need help, a stimulus to make it easier to move stool, it is important to have a product that can exert an evacuative action and also soothe and protect the rectal mucosa.

The local action of Melilax is ideal for treating constipation in this delicate age range.


When stools are dry and hardened and are passed infrequently (fewer than 3 times per week) and with difficulty and/or pain.

Read the warnings and directions carefully