Melilax Aboca

Promelaxin is a complex of nectar and honeydew honeys enriched with a polysaccharide fraction from Aloe and Mallow.


Nectar and honeydew honeys are specially selected and processed so as to obtain:

  • a balanced osmotic action given by the high concentration of simple sugars and mineral salts, in particular from honeydew honey.
  • significant antioxidant properties, thanks above all to the melanoidins of honeydew honey.

Honeydew is a sugar-rich substance secreted by the insects that feed on the lymph of plants. Honeybees draw the substance from plants and transform it into honeydew honey.


The Aloe gel and Mallow extracts contain high molecular weight (> 20,000 Da) polysaccharides.

This fraction notably increases the mucoadhesive power of Promelaxin.

The Mallow extract is obtained by freeze-drying. The Aloe gel extract, concentrated in a 200:1 ratio, is produced from fresh gel by a drying process.

Promelaxin titers: monosaccharides ≥ 50%, polysaccharides (molecular weight > 20,000 Da) ≥ 0.3%.

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