Melilax is intended for treatment of constipation, even when accompanied by intestinal hypersensitivity (as in the case of irritable colon), anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

Melilax promotes bowel movement and reduces the discomfort, irritation and inflammation caused by constipation. Melilax is safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and by celiac patients, since it does not contain gluten.

How does Melilax work?

Melilax combines a bowel-stimulating action with a protective, soothing action on the rectal mucosa. The dual action of Melilax is achieved thanks to the PROMELAXIN complex of nectar and honeydew honeys specially selected for their content in monosaccharides, polysaccharides, and melanoidins, and processed to preserve the active principles and enriched with polysaccharide fractions from Aloe and Common Mallow.

Moreover, thanks to its mucus-like properties and its viscosity, Melilax protects the rectal mucosa during stool passage.

It is thanks to these properties and to the antioxidant action of the ingredients that the product can protect and soothe the mucosa.

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