Melilax Aboca

The Melilax formulation favors evacuation and makes stool easier to expel. Moreover, thanks to the mucus-like properties and the viscosity of the formulation, Melilax protects the rectal mucosa during stool passage.

Thanks to these actions, in combination with the antioxidant action of the components, Melilax can protect the rectal mucosa and contribute to favoring the evacuative process. The protective action is especially important, since, in case of constipation, the already-delicate rectal mucosa is easily irritated by passage of dry and hardened stools.

Melilax is intended for use in treatment of constipation even when it is accompanied by such conditions as:

  • anal fissures and hemorrhoids
  • intestinal hypersensitivity (as in the case of irritable bowel)

Furthermore, Melilax is safe for use:

  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • in infants and children
  • by celiac patients, since it does not contain gluten.

Aboca MelilaxRead the warnings and directions carefully