Melilax Aboca

The intestine is an organ which plays a vital role in overall health. In simple terms, it is “much more than a tube,” which is how it is often imagined and represented. “Complexity” is the word we should remember whenever we think of our intestine. Everything is perfectly calibrated; if the mechanisms are altered, it may be useful to take action without creating any further imbalances so as to protect the system as a whole.

With this in mind, Aboca has developed an innovative approach to emptying the bowel: stimulating bowel movement while protecting the rectum and combating the irritation created by the presence of dry and hardened feces.

The result is Melilax, a new way of emptying the bowel. At the heart of the innovation is the Promelaxin complex of nectar and honeydew honeys enriched with a polysaccharide fraction from Aloe and Mallow.

Read the warnings and directions carefully