Melilax Aboca

Constipation is a frequently-occurring disorder in children as well as in adults of all ages. Although in most cases it has no serious implications, constipation can significantly affect our general wellbeing and quality of life.

The term “constipation” is used to indicate an increase in the time stools remain in the lower intestinal tract.

Under these conditions, fecal matter becomes dry and hardened and accumulates due to excessive reabsorption of fluids. Stools are small in volume and are passed infrequently (fewer than 3 times per week) and with difficulty and/or pain (due to the hardness of the stools).

In some cases, constipation may also manifest as the sensation of incomplete bowel evacuation, despite normal frequency, or the need to strain in order to defecate.

To prevent and resolve the problem, it is important to act on the causes whenever possible.